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 LINGOs Virtual Coffee Breaks


LINGOs is looking for ways to caffeinate our community and encourage buzz among members. We know you are short on time, and we are in many time-zones, and folks are traveling and in meetings a lot. We are going to experiment in 2013 with some Espresso Shots!

We'll build on the enthusiasm around the fantastic "speed dating" session at the LINGOs 2012 Member Meeting, and test out some short-member recorded topics, and have an asynchronous discussion first, and then occasional virtual gatherings around the most discussed topics. Please stay tuned for more details!


In 2011-12, The LINGOs community joined together monthly or everyother month for a "virtual coffee break," to informally discuss issues that surface from our LinkedIn group and are generating lots of discussion.

In 2012, members added demofests that provided fellow members with an opportunity to see a variety of solutions to common eLearning challenges we all face in providing engaging eLearning that is appropriate for a global audience, often faced with challenges in terms of connectivity, common language and cultural differences. List of past Coffee Breaks and Demo Fests: links to recordings of past events are with event below.


 Recording links: past Virtual Coffee Breaks & Demo Fests


September 13: Virtual DemoFest: Preventing Harrassment at a Global NGO JoinGlobal Giveback 3 volunteer Nigel Ribeiro of Essential eLearning, demos the course he designed for FHI 360 on preventing harassment in the workplace. Nigel used xtranormal and Articulate Storyline to develop the course, which is partly narrated by two mock FHI 360 employees and partly scenario-based (drawn from FHI 360 harassment policy). The final product is a creative, informative, and fun learning approach to address a serious topic that impacts FHI 360’s staff worldwide.

Click here to see the recorded event

August 9, Virtual Coffee Break - Your input for the 2012 LINGOs Member Meeting (Nov 28-29 in Washington DC. Optional workshops on Friday Nov 30).

We'll use the input from this session to build on member survey input, LinkedIn discussions and past Virtual Coffee Breaks to put together the 2012 LINGOs Member Meeting in DC that maximizes member needs and wants. If you are planning to attend the 2012 Member Meeting, please complete the planning survey by July 31 (http://svy.mk/2012MMsurvey) .

July 12, Virtual Demo Fest - Last Mile Learning: This is your chance look “under the hood” of the Last Mile Learning course prototype, “Coaching for Results.” Michael Culligan, LINGOs’ Director of the Last Mile Learning initiative, will lead the webinar, which will be divided into two parts: for recording click here

June 14 Virtual Coffee Break: Social Media for Learning with Habitat for Humanity's Atlas Corps Fellow Tito Spinola. Click here for recording.

May 10: DemoFest - Take a look under the hood at The Nature Conservancy’s partner portal to learn how they leveraged Moodle, SCORM Dispatch, and other tools to provide 9,000 learners in 200 countries with technology driven global learning solutions that increase personal and organizational performance. Please click here access the recorded session.

March 8: Demo Fest - Paige Layno Winn of FHI 360 will share the course/simulation that she worked on with eLearning Global Giveback Volunteer Amanda Warner. It's a clinical learning simulation, developed in Flash, for clinical providers on Isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) for people living with HIV. Learn about the challenges of developing a simulation, what content resources are necessary (in this case, new WHO Guidelines and FHI 360's recent publication on the same topic), as well as tools and approaches. This course will be shared with the LINGOs community! Event recording available here.

February 9: More than Uno, Dos, Tres: Launching Language Learning Resources at an international NGO Join Virtual Coffee Barista Catriona Moriarty from Conservation International and others in this virtual conversation. Click here for the recorded event.

January 19: Demofest:  Mauricio Gutierrez, an advisor at World Vision, presents modules he recently created in Xtranormal - entering an avatar world to engage learners through dialogue and character animation.  click here for recording.

December 8: Engaging your Staff: Marketing Learning to Global Colleagues. Barista Catriona Moriarty of Conservation International led an informal virtual coffee around engagement and marketing of self-paced learning resources. Conservation International (CI) launched its eCampus just about a year ago. Participants learned a bit about CI’s experience, shared experiences and ideas of ideas and approaches to build interest, excitement and utilization of learning resources globally in INGOs. Click here for recording.

Nov 30: Click here for recording of a trial "demo-fest." Habitat for Humanity International's Susan O'Connell shared her agency's new Vision and Mission course, as well as design and development tools (click here to access Member Shared resources).

November 16: Que hay de nuevo en Blackboard Collaborate v11 Haz clic aqui para informacion sobre esta sesion.

October 20 and 27: What's new with Blackboard Collaborate v11 Click here for info on Oct 20 and here for 27th. See and try out new features in Blackboard v11; Get and share tips for rolling this version out in your organization.

Sept. 8 & 22: What's new with Blackboard Collaborate v11 Click here for recording of Sept 8 session and here for info to join the session on Sept 22nd. See and try out new features in Blackboard v11; Get and share tips for rolling this version out in your organization.

August 11: LINGOs member meeting - Making the most of it (we want your input). Click here for recording.

July 21: Tips for Successful Course Development in the eLearning Global Giveback. Join Amy Stewart of ACCION and other LINGOs Global Giveback participants to learn how they leveraged the Global Giveback. ACCION's course on microfinance education, created by Amanda Warner, won the 2011 eLearning Global Giveback competition in the Individual Developer Category. It is available to all LINGOs members, as well as the general public on the website of The Smart Campaign. Click here for recording of the session.

June 16: Launching a Learning Portal: Process, Results and Lessons Learned - Peter Balvanz will share FHI's experience and Organizational Learning Strategy Expert Ruth Kustoff will share general principles. Click here for recording.

Feb 17, 2011: Onboarding new staff - Part 2: Experiences from ACDI/VOCA (Ambassador Program & Getting Senior-level Buy-in) and Habitat for Humanity International (Adapting a program for rapid expansion in the field: post earthquake Haiti). Click here for recording.

December 1, 2010: Deploying eCornell - approaches from ACDI/VOCA and IRC. Click here for recording

November 17, 2010: Onboarding new staff - part 1: presentation from PATH. Click here for recording

August 2010 - Fresh Press - first virtual coffee break - no specific topic

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We need your input and that of your colleagues in the field:

LINGOs is assessing need for, utility of, support for a learning curriculum contextualized for NGOs

November 13, 2010

LINGOs very much values the input of its members to identify the services that we provide.   We are fortunate in having the assistance of two graduate-level interns, Jennifer May and Jenny McAtee, from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (USA), who are conducting initial research to assess the feasibility of and possible scope of developing a curriculum of learning resources contextualized for the staff of NGOs working in our sector.

NGO-contextualized courses would contain exercises, scenarios, examples and problems relevant to organizations whose work supports international humanitarian relief, development, conservation, and social justice. However, the courses would not be tailored to any one specific organization. We invite your assistance by completing a short, 13-question survey to gain your input as well as that of a few of your organization’s Country and Program Unit Managers. 


1.    Take the survey by clicking here. Your responses are completely confidential.

2.    Select 2-3 Country Managers and 2-3 Program Unit Managers from UMBC-LINGOs Intern and provide them with the link to this survey in the next day. 

3.    Invite the participation of colleagues from other NGOs working in one or more developing country by sharing the survey link. (We welcome their input regardless of whether they work for an organization that is presently a member of LINGOs.)

The survey consists of 13 questions and will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.  The survey will close on Wednesday, December 1, 2010.   Please consider completing it right now. 


Feel free to email Jennifer (jenmay1@umbc.edu) or Jenny (jenny_mcatee@umbc.edu) with any question about the survey and project.

Your input and that of your colleagues is valuable as it will help determine the vision and direction for this initiative as well as whether to pursue it.  I thank you in advance for your participation in this important survey.



Marian Abernathy

Director, Member Services & Communications, LINGOs

Check out the UPCOMING EVENTS  www.LINGOs.org (lower right hand side)



Join this vibrant community via the LINGOs LinkedIn Group


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2012_MemberMeeting.aspx2012_MemberMeetingMarian Abernathy
HFHI LINGOs Implementation Plan 2008-2009.docHFHI LINGOs Implementation Plan 2008-2009Deborah Grayson Bailey
CRS_implementation plan for 2008 .docCRS_implementation plan for 2008 Linda English
The IRC Strategy Document.docThe IRC Strategy DocumentLinda English
LINGOs Agency Curriculum Chart.docLINGOs Agency Curriculum ChartLinda English
ACCION_implementation_plan_2008[1].docACCION_implementation_plan_2008[1]Linda English
Christian Aid  Impementation Plan 2008.docChristian Aid Impementation Plan 2008Linda English
CARE LINGOs member impl plan 2008 from YID.docCARE LINGOs member impl plan 2008 from YIDLinda English
IJM Member Agency Planning Document.docIJM Member Agency Planning DocumentLinda English
Headington Institute - Member implementation plan 2008.docHeadington Institute - Member implementation plan 2008Linda English
IPAS Stratigic Plan for 2007-2009.xlsIPAS Stratigic Plan for 2007-2009Linda English
IPAS implementation plan 2008.docIPAS implementation plan 2008Linda English
ARC member implementation plan.docARC member implementation planLinda English
WVUS Lingo's Implementation 2008.docWVUS Lingo's Implementation 2008Linda English
SCUK implementation plan Jan07.docSCUK implementation plan Jan07Linda English
PATH Implementation plan for 2008.docPATH Implementation plan for 2008Linda English
Heifer International Implementation Plan.docHeifer International Implementation PlanLinda English
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 By promoting collaboration amongst member NGOs who have similar challenges (i.e. non-profit status, limited resources, geographic scope), LINGOs allowed my team to make connections, build a network of support, learn and share best practices, and establish new friendships.

Marie-Laure Curie

Manager, Global Capacity Building

PSI and LINGOs Board of Directors


 Espresso Shots

Dev Learn 13: from Paige Winn
Paige Winn of FHI 360 shares her top 5 learning tips and tricks from Dev Learn 13
FHI 360: "Customizing" the IntraLearn LMS to meet organizational needs
Nickey Rhodes demonstrates how the FHI 360 uses its LINGOs-supplied LMS as a full service learning center with live instructor led courses, virtual classroom training and self-paced eLearning courses. She highlights graphical reports she shares monthly with key stakeholders.
Samaritan's Purse: Simple Online Certificate Tracks
Rich Peavy shares how a simple online course certificate program increased Samaritan's Purse's staff participation significantly.
FHI360: Creating Learning Across Sectors and Geographies
Paige Winn shares three strategies FHI 360 has implemented to overcome some of the challenges of providing diverse learning opportunities on a limited budget.
Conservation International: New Employee Orientation
Catriona Moriarty from Conservation International presents on their new employee orientation process.
LINGOs: Espresso Shots Explained
Espresso Shots are available anytime you you have five minutes to spare for burst of inspiration. Please watch the attached short video to learn more about Espresso Shots and how you can create and share your own.

 Virtual Coffee Break Supporting Documents

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