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Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate Live!) allows users to meet virtually regardless of their location.  Participants connect to the Blackboard Collaborate classroom through a web browser, permitting them to talk to the rest of the class through their computer-based microphone and speakers or headset. Students can view PowerPoint presentations, write on a whiteboard, send messages via the chat box, and answer polling questions.  Blackboard Collaborate differentiates itself from its competitors through its exceptional performance in low bandwidth environments. To learn about the features of the Blackboard Collaborate visit the following URL: http://www.blackboardcollaborate.com.


 Licensing Information

LINGOs Member Agencies receive a certain number of supervisor licenses for Blackboard Collaborate based on agency membership level (see http://ngolearning.org/aboutlingos/membership). These licenses are valid for the duration of the agency's membership to LINGOs and include the following benefits:

  1. License holders can conduct an unlimited number of live, on-line sessions.
  2. Up to 25 concurrent participants can attend sessions via the members agency's Blackboard Collaborate licenses.
  3. Sessions can be recorded and will be hosted on a Blackboard Collaborate server.  License holders are asked to remove any sessions that are no longer needed after one month so they are not taking up server space.  LINGOs will not erase any saved recordings without prior consent.
  4. In the event that a member agency needs access to a larger license capacity (more than provided based on agency membership level) the opportunity exists for LINGOs to connect member agencies with Blackboard to arrange for a special license arrangement for the application. Please contact licenses [at] lingos.org for more details.
  5. In the event that a member agency needs access to a larger virtual classroom, agencies can purchase one time access to a Blackboard Collaborate room with up to 100 seats. Please contact support@lingos.org for more details.

Blackboard Collaborate licenses for each LINGOs member agency are manage by the LINGOs Agency Contact.  Individuals interested in receiving a supervisor license for Blackboard Collaborate should contact their LINGOs Agency Contact who will in turn work with support@lingos.org to arrange for supervisor accounts.


 Hosting Larger Events

In the event that a member agency wants to host a Blackboard Collaborate event with over 25 attendees, LINGOs can provide subsidized access to an Blackboard Collaborate room with up to 100 seats. Contact memberservices [at] lingos.org for additional information.

Price: up to 100 seat room - $50 per 6-hour session

Please see FAQs to the right for more information.


 The Blackboard Collaborate VRoom

Blackboard provides a free service entitled VRoom that provides individuals access to Blackboard Collaborate rooms that can host up to four concurrent participants. VRoom licenses can be accessed by registering at http://www.learncentral.org/user.


 We tested Blackboard Collaborate the other day with the Afghanistan field office and even with snow on their satellite dish, it worked great.  We are all really impressed and can't wait to include Ghana and Pakistan in the next meeting.  


Expand/Collapse Q : Can I record a session? ‎(1)
Yes, registered users of Blackboard Collaborate can record their on-line events.  Users are asked to remove any sessions that are no longer needed after one month so they are not taking up server space.
If a user wishes to remove a recording from the Blackboard Collaborate server without permanently erasing the session file, it is recommended to convert the recording into a format that can be retained either on hard drive, CD/DVD or posted to the web.  See the Publish! tab above for more information.

Expand/Collapse Q : Does Blackboard Collaborate work in low-bandwidth contexts? ‎(1)
Yes.  We have had people even present from Tanzania and Brazil and we have hosted students from Mozambique, Afghanastan, Pakistan, etc.
Some features in Blackboard Collaborate will use more bandwidth than others; for example, running a video, application sharing, or multiple microphones will all use more bandwidth.

Expand/Collapse Q : How can a member organization access a "big room" for sessions for more than 25 participants? ‎(1)
Agency contacts may request access to a 100-seat room by emailing membersupport [at] lingos.org with at least two business days notice.  In your message, please include the following information:
  • the date for which you seek the room
  • the time from when you wish to access the room until the time to complete discussions and save whiteboards or other files (please note the time zone you need and allow time to load files as well as save any whiteboard or chat files) and
  • the title of the session (include agency name at the beginning of the title)
If a room is available for that time period, LINGOs will provide the agency key contact with:
  • Moderator login link (Moderator will be identified as LINGOs1 - LINGOs6)
  • Participant login link, and
  • Recording link to access any recordings made in the room. The recording will be available through April 2012.  Members may use Elluminate Publish! (available separately) or Camtasia to download the recording and move it to their own server. For more information, see the Publish! tab above.  LINGOs can provide this service with notice, for an extra fee.
If no room is available at that time, we will let you know within 2 business days.

Expand/Collapse Q : How do I set up a teleconference phone bridge? ‎(1)

Expand/Collapse Q : How do I test my computer's ability to run Blackboard Collaborate? ‎(1)

Expand/Collapse Q : Is there a maximum number of users allowed in a Blackboard Collaborate session? ‎(1)
25 participants at a time are allowed in a Blackboard Collaborate meeting.  If you desire a meeting to accommodate more than 25 participants, please refer to the FAQ How can a member organization access a "big room" for sessions for more than 25 participants? on this page.

Expand/Collapse Q : Is traning available for Blackboard Collaborate? ‎(1)
Blackboard provides free training guides and recorded training sessions.  Go to http://support.blackboardcollaborate.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=8336&task=knowledge&questionID=1271 for more information.

Expand/Collapse Q : Log In Instructions- Use these in every invite ‎(1)
Also, it is important that you are signed into the Blackboard Room and ready to begin at the planned start time, so be sure to follow these instructions the day of the workshop.
Please begin this process 30 minutes before the meeting start time. It can take up to 30 minutes for the system to load.
1. Click the link to open the room (Insert link here)
2. Session log in appears. Input your name and which organization you’re with.  Example, I will input Gus Curran - LINGOs
3. Click Log In. Then, wait. It can take up to sixty seconds for the program to launch. It may look like nothing is happening, but be patient.
4. Accept any and all pop ups and prompts in a positive way, meaning click “yes” or “OK” and “always trust this source” and “run” and “accept terms and agreements”.
5. You should see progress bars and information at this point letting you know the room is opening.
6. If prompted for a connection speed, choose LAN if you’re in the office or Cable/DSL if you’re at home or elsewhere.
7. Test your audio as soon as you enter the room. Click Tools- Audio- Audio Setup Wizard or use the shortcut on the Audio/Video Box.

Expand/Collapse Q : What about firewalls and server ports? ‎(1)
Be sure you are in a firewall free zone or that your software and/or hardware firewall allows traffic on port 2187.

Expand/Collapse Q : What if our organization wants to host a larger event? ‎(1)
If you desire a meeting to accommodate more than 25 participants, please refer to the FAQ How can a member organization access a "big room" for sessions for more than 25 participants? on this page.

Expand/Collapse Q : What is the Virtual Mastery Training Series? ‎(1)
LINGOs also provides the Virtual Training Mastery Series which provides courses on how to design and facilitate courses online.  These courses are not about the tool (Blackboard Collaborate) but rather about the skills needed to move from a classroom based course to a synchronous learning event. For more info, and to register, please visit: http://ngolearning.org/courses/availablecourses/online/pages/Class%20One%20-%20On-Line%20Design.aspx

Expand/Collapse Q : What troubleshooting resources are available? ‎(1)
Blackboard provides terrific support pages at http://support.blackboardcollaborate.com.  Please be respectful of the generous donation of Blackboard Collaborate  licenses by Blackboard to LINGOs members by exhausting all self-help resources before contacting a Blackboard Collaborate technician or submitting a support request.

Expand/Collapse Q : Who can use Blackboard Collaborate? ‎(1)
Any person inside or outside a member agency can attend an Blackboard Collaborate session.  Licenses are based on who is moderating the session.  LINGOs has provided a limited number of licenses to each agency.  To find out how many your agency has used or to receive a license for your member agency, email licenses [at] lingos.org.